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The Dark Deal

Statement from Empowerment Alliance Spokesman Ian Prior on the power outages in Texas:

“With an arctic blast sweeping the country, Texas – like California before it – is giving America a preview of what an “existential threat” looks like. Not the kind of fear mongering “12-years until the end of the earth” existential threat parroted by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and fed to Americans by President Biden as he issues job killing executive orders.

“Rather, the existential and imminent threat we are seeing in Texas is a very real and immediate one that takes away people’s power, heat, clean water, and cell service. And the blame lies at the feet of the far left elitists that fly private jets around the world, all while irresponsibly pushing not-ready-for-primetime renewable energy, like wind and solar power, to make up a greater share of our energy grids.

“That is why the Empowerment Alliance is focused on breaking through the spin, and providing to its members actual facts and consequences on what the far left’s Dark Deal does to working class Americans that demand actually reliable energy at reasonable costs so they are not forced by special interests to live in third world conditions.”