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The death of American auto đŸ˜”

The Biden Administration has proposed new rules limiting emissions for all vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to tractor-trailers. Automakers and their supply chain employees, as well as working Americans and families who simply depend on their cars to get where they need to be, should pay CLOSE attention.

These actions, if implemented, would have a direct and adverse impact on your jobs and livelihoods.

The most aggressive of several options the EPA will consider could lead to 67 percent of all new passenger car and light-duty truck sales being electric by 2032. Today, EVs make up less than 8% of all vehicle sales, so that presents a gigantic leap in less than a decade.

There are some obvious issues here. Chief among them, the fact that China has near monopoly control of the critical minerals needed for batteries. The availability of EV models that working families can actually afford and unreliable charging stations are others.

This transition will require automakers to build totally new factories, assembly lines and supply chains—a years-long process. A major re-engineering of one car model usually takes 3-5 years, and automakers would be overhauling dozens of them.

Finally, let’s not forget about subsidies, one of Biden’s and Congressional Democrats’ favorite carrots to dangle:

  • At Biden’s encouragement, Congress used its climate and infrastructure spending bills of the past two years to boost EVs with more than $31 billion in subsidies.
  • That includes tax credits for EV manufacturers, and separate tax credits to encourage consumers to buy the vehicles.
  • About $7.5 billion of that money is earmarked for construction of EV charging stations.

Biden and Democrats shamelessly use emissions and climate change as their reason to enforce this travesty upon hardworking Americans and their families. Why shamelessly? Because they know China, India, and the rest of the developing world are electrifying with no regard for air quality or environmental responsibility. Instead of pursuing all means to make such countries more environmentally sound, they penalize Americans.

Biden is interfering with the free market to prop up his green-at-any-cost agenda. And, this is at the expense of hardworking Americans like the 60% of us already living paycheck to paycheck. His EV plan will increase our reliance on China, strain our grid, and make it harder for Americans to afford transportation.

Check out TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda to learn about a plan for our energy future that will help American families, not hurt them.