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The “renewable” that lives up to its name

This week, we explore the seventh step in TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda: Lead the world in renewable natural gas (RNG) technologies.

So, why is RNG so important to a Common Sense Energy Agenda? We generate garbage and waste water every day, and lots of it. Cost effective capture and use of the emissions and unpleasant smells we all know well from landfills, water treatment plants, animal waste, and other sources is a real gain toward meaningful environmental activism.

The Coalition For Renewable Natural Gas says RNG “is a clean, affordable and reliable waste-derived fuel that can be used to power homes, businesses and even vehicles.” RNG looks and acts just like regular natural gas and can be easily stored for future use—unlike wind and solar energy.

RNG is especially useful as a fuel for large trucks and other heavy-duty transportation. According to Argonne National Laboratory’s database of RNG projects, in 2021, “230 operational RNG facilities alone produced over 59 million MMBtus, the equivalent of over 459 million gallons of diesel, which is enough to fuel 50,000 refuse trucks.”

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