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Thermostats down, kWh up! 🥵

We often talk about the skyrocketing costs and energy challenges that come during the winter months. But, as the summer heats up, the sunny season comes with its own energy hurdles.

Gasoline prices have been edging down, thankfully. But, as we get into the full-swing of vacation driving season, many American families will still be facing higher gasoline costs—even if prices don’t spike as they have in recent years. If the upcoming hurricane season disrupts American oil producers, prices could go up when Americans are driving most. Rising gasoline prices can even harm our nation’s energy independence, as congressional Republicans have already had to warn President Biden against further draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve this summer in a repeat of his 2022 election year stunt to keep gas prices down.



As temperatures start ticking up, so do electricity bills as American families turn on their air conditioners. Air conditioning accounts for nearly 10 percent of the energy consumption in an average American home. And, in many areas, that’s not just a matter of comfort but one of health and safety. Some utilities are already warning customers that they will hike prices during “peak hours” in an attempt to force customers to “rely more on our cleaner energy sources.” But, when electricity prices spike or unreliable electrical grids blackout from too much dependence on renewable energy sources, it can literally mean life or death for some Americans.

TEA has made energy affordability one of our four pillars for a reason. More affordable energy gives American families flexibility in their budgets and helps keep the prices of many other necessities low. But, affordable energy also allows for happier and healthier lives no matter the season.

For more information about how affordable energy affects you personally, check out TEA’s USA Energy Affordability Map.