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Warnock’s War on American Energy

Next week, the state of Georgia will vote in an important run-off election to fill their U.S. Senate seat. And, once again, affordable energy is on the ballot. While this is a race decided by the hardworking people of Georgia, it is representative of the same issues facing all of us in America.

Raphael Warnock, the Democrat vying to hold onto his seat in the Senate, is a cookie cutter example of the green-at-any-costs politicians that have been fueling skyrocketing energy costs for the last two years. Mr. Warnock’s disregard for the 3 million plus Georgia voters who consider energy affordability critical to their livelihood is exemplified through his record on energy:

  • Warnock said, “I think we need to be moving away from an economy that’s based on fossil fuels, that’s the way of the past and we need to be moving toward the future,” and said he was open to a carbon tax.
  • Warnock voted against a common-sense amendment that would have “cancel[ed] the Biden Administration’s ban on oil and gas leasing on Federal land to help lower gasoline prices and reduce energy dependence on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.”
  • Warnock supported Biden’s move to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which could cost the U.S. 6.5 million manufacturing jobs by 2040.

These are the very policies from the Biden Administration that are crushing our American energy production and driving prices higher for everyday Americans. Next Tuesday, we hope the voters of Georgia vote against Warnock and for a common-sense energy agenda—like TEA’s own 8-point plan. Energy affordability and security should be a core responsibility of our elected leaders, not something they sacrifice for an extreme political agenda.