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What is Elon smoking?

February 9th, 2024

The issue: Next Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love or express friendship with cards, chocolates or candlelight dinners. Natural gas shows its affection in many — but often subtle — ways. So we remind everyone about this Clean, Affordable and Reliable Energy Source. Or as we like to say, Natural Gas CARES.

Why it matters: Without domestic natural gas and oil, items like a stuffed bear, the delivery truck bringing you a bouquet of flowers or that wine bottle on your table wouldn’t be possible or affordable. We are an energy-rich and technology-rich nation. Unfortunately, some of President Biden’s policies have driven up the costs of food, shelter and energy costs. More disposable income means being able to take your spouse out to dinner or buying a loved one a nice gift.

Consider: It’s Clean.

  • Since 1970, combined emissions of key pollutants have dropped by 78% in the U.S.
  • In 2022 alone, the shift to natural gas provided an emissions reduction equivalent to 156 coal-fired power plants operating for a year.
  • Since 2005, natural gas used for power generation has cut nearly double the emissions that renewable sources like wind and solar have.

It’s Affordable.

  • Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and other appliances save an average $1,068 per year compared to homes using electricity for such appliances.
  • This is critically important for low-income households and our elderly residents who are on fixed incomes.
  • Natural gas is nearly 3 and 1/2 times more affordable than electricity as a residential energy source for the same amount of delivered energy.

It’s Reliable and Abundant.

  • The U.S. has enough natural gas to power the nation for more than a century — and the potential for even more.
  • The natural gas industry alone supports more than four million American jobs, with incomes higher than those of other industries.
  • The U.S. natural gas pipeline network connects to 68 million households and more than five million commercial enterprises.

Bottom Line: Clean. Affordable. Reliable. Energy Source. That’s natural gas. This Valentine’s, let’s remind Americans how much natural gas CARES.

The issue: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, again has advocated for a carbon tax as a vital measure against climate change. This is a bit puzzling, but Musk is a different breed of cat. Recently he’s been cozying up to conservative thought leaders, but his latest post might undo that goodwill even though he’s been consistent with this position for a few years now.

Why it matters: First, let’s examine some facts about a carbon tax:

  • Costs would get transferred from the producer to the consumer, so in reality it is a hidden tax on working Americans.
  • It takes America down a slippery slope. If we open the door to a carbon tax on international goods, this could inevitably result in a stronger push for a domestic carbon tax, similar to what occurred in Canada, where only 15% of residents support the policy.
  • Taxing carbon equates to taxing life. TEA’s fundamental position is that the free market is the only economic driver, not the federal government.


Despite Musk’s promotion of Tesla’s electric vehicles and energy solutions as sustainable, research indicates that the production of EV batteries and the electricity for charging them contribute significantly to pollution. This fact somewhat undermines the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, raising questions about the true effectiveness of a carbon tax in addressing climate change.

We don’t question Musk’s intellect or his right to hold a position on the issue. But we clearly see his motives.

It’s worth noting that:

  • Tesla earns “credits” from the federal government for building electric vehicles deemed environmentally friendly.
  • Many oppose the carbon tax and believe it is like taking from the poor to give to the rich, a modern-day reversal of Robin Hood. It simply is not an effective solution to a cleaner world.
  • Nearly 40% of the suppliers for materials used in Tesla’s EV batteries are Chinese-based companies. Let that sink in.

Bottom Line: A carbon tax is a one-way street to energy misery for the masses. Anyone who promotes it as an effective way to reduce emissions either has no regard for energy affordability – or they’re on drugs. Looking at you, Elon.

Roses are red, violets are blue, as temperatures start to rise this spring, gas prices will too. For now, however, gas prices still aren’t moving much at all. As of today, the national average for a gallon of gasoline sits at $3.17, which is 2 cents higher than it was a week ago. Refinery maintenance and increased demand at the pump is normal for this time of year, so experts are saying drivers should expect to be paying more in the coming weeks.

Hearing On EPA Regulations: On Wednesday, February 14, the House Small Business Committee will have a hearing called “Burdensome Regulations: Examining the Impact of EPA Regulations on Main Street.”

Hearing On Lithium Battery Fires: On Thursday, February 15, the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Management and Technology will have a hearing called “Examining Fire Hazards: Lithium-Ion Batteries and Other Threats to Fire Safety”

FERC Open Meeting: On Thursday, February 15, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will hold an Open Meeting of the Commission.

“In trying to stop the exporting of liquified natural gas, the president is committing energy suicide for America, and he’s hurting the environment at the same time.”

-Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on Fox News.