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Common Sense Energy: Full (Nord) Stream Ahead


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July 23rd, 2021

Ohio State Representative Jay Edwards penned an editorial this week about the important role natural gas is playing in boosting our economy and reducing our carbon emissions:

“Our country’s spike in natural gas production has made a positive economic impact while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The more natural gas we consume, the less reliant we become on fossil fuels which emit far greater greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas, for example, emits 30 percent less carbon dioxide as oil and half as much as coal and is now officially the largest source of electricity in the United States. It has helped reduce carbon emissions to levels not seen since mid-1980.”

Rep. Edwards warns of the extremists in the Democrat Party trying to ban natural gas and his plan to push back with his legislation in the state house:

Unfortunately, an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party is allowing perfect to be the enemy of good. Their extreme and unrealistic agenda costs an impossible $93 trillion and bans all fossil fuels. And one of the first things President Biden did when sworn into office was banning natural gas drilling on federal lands. Luckily, a federal judge blocked Biden’s ban. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration boasts of having 870,000 acres of federal lands reserved for solar panels.

Enough is enough. 

It is time for the far-left to stop demonizing natural gas and for Ohio to fully embrace the abundance of natural gas we have available to us. It’s time to make energy prices more affordable to all Ohioans. That is why I have introduced a bill in Ohio House of Representatives that requires the Ohio Public Works Commission to establish a Natural Gas Supply Infrastructure Development Program.

This program would facilitate investment in physical facilities useful in meeting the natural gas supply needs in areas of Ohio with insufficient natural gas supply access. The director would incentivize participation in this initiative by making grants and loans available to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local governments.

Read his entire editorial HERE.

This week’s nonsense award once again goes to President Joe Biden.

Biden seemingly believes in Russian and German prosperity while selling America down the river. His administration is dropping all opposition to the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that will elevate Russia and Germany by making European countries more dependent on Russian natural gas.

This is a ridiculous double standard from the Biden Administration. Now, Russia can build their pipeline to dominate the European energy landscape but pipelines benefitting America like the Keystone Pipeline must be shut down.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial board took Biden to task:

Barack Obama and Donald Trump opposed the $11 billion Nord Stream pipeline, which could double the amount of natural gas exported directly to Germany from Russia. But the Biden Administration has now blessed the project’s completion, handing Vladimir Putin a major strategic victory at the expense of Ukraine and Europe’s energy independence.

Giving a revisionist power more influence over Europe’s economy doesn’t help U.S. interests. The big win for Russian gas also comes as the Administration moves to restrict fossil-fuel production in the U.S. Angela Merkel, who negotiated the deal with President Biden, soon won’t even be Chancellor.

Read their full editorial HERE.

Congressman Bill Johnson is back as a featured member of our “Summer Drive to Energy Independence” campaign. He recently spoke to the rising costs of fuel as President Biden continues surrendering American energy independence to the likes of OPEC and Russia.  This time he’s at the grocery store focusing on the rising costs of groceries as Inflation increases w/ the price of fuel.

Check out his latest video message HERE.

Gasoline costs 44% more than one year ago. The national average is currently $3.16/gallon and was $2.20 /gallon last year.

Infrastructure In The Senate: A bipartisan group in the Senate are “optimistic” that there will soon be an infrastructure deal. On Monday, July 26, there’s another possible cloture vote and likely a flurry of other activity around the legislation next week.

Hearings On Jobs And The “Working Class”: On Tuesday, July 27, the House Small Business Subcommittee on Innovation and Workforce Development will hold a hearing on, “Wealth for the Working Class: The Clean Energy Economy.” On Thursday, July 29, the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis will hold a hearing on, “Financing Climate Solutions and Job Creation.”

Interior Budget Hearing: On Tuesday, July 27, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources will hold a hearing on the FY2022 proposed budget request for the Department of the Interior.

FERC Oversight Hearing: On Tuesday, July 27, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy will hold a hearing on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission called, “The Changing Energy Landscape: Oversight of FERC.”

Hearings On Energy Infrastructure Cybersecurity: On Tuesday, July 27, the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation will hold a hearing on pipeline cybersecurity, and the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on National Security will have a hearing on cyber threats against the U.S. electric grid.