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Afternoon TEA: America’s Independence begins with Energy Independence

Did you know that Energy Independence is essential to America’s Independence?

The Empowerment Alliance has been built on our faith in the American people and our nation’s ingenuity as powerful tools that, when brought together on one shared mission, can control our destinies, including America’s destiny as a global energy superpower. TEA’s common-sense approach engages the American people in an open and honest dialogue about the best way to accomplish that goal.

And, akin to the people who in 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence, TEA and those signing our Declaration of Energy Independence are unequivocally committed to: keeping America’s economy number one in the world due to the smart use of our bountiful resources like natural gas and oil; ensuring that all Americans benefit from the natural gas boom through lower energy costs, higher-paying jobs, and continued economic growth; reducing risks to our national security from foreign threats and supply disruption; and continuing to help improve air quality and environmental protection.

You might have heard about our Summer Drive for Energy Independence, where we feature stories and news about energy in America through our network of Declaration of Energy Independence signers. These leaders from all parts of our community are pushing back against extreme policies like the Green New Deal and standing up for American energy.

Now, we’d like you to join the movement in a very important way: submit a short video telling your story. Did you take a long car trip and pay more for gas, are utility costs hurting your small business? Maybe your job is at risk because of climate change politics. Take out your phone and tell us in your own words how American natural gas and oil affect your life.

Some of our nation’s top political leaders have signed the Declaration and recorded their own video. Here’s a sample from House GOP Whip, Steve Scalise:


Join Steve and our other friends and allies by following the instructions below:

  1. Record a 30 second – 1 minute video talking about the importance of affordable, domestic energy (focusing on natural gas) contrasted with the current state of American energy under the Biden admin. Be sure to mention The Empowerment Alliance and our website:
  2. Send the video to [email protected] or post it on your own account. If you post on your profile, be sure to tag our socials so we can share it. (Twitter: @empoweringUSA) (Facebook: @TheEmpowermentAlliance)
  3. Be sure to include your social media handles so we can tag you once it is posted! Once posted, please share/retweet to help us grow our audience!

Let your voice be heard, join the movement today!