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Afternoon TEA: CA’s renewable energy woes spread like wildfire

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Last summer we saw blackouts in California during heat wave that brought that state’s power grid to the breaking point. Now, as we head into those same dog days of summer, California appears to be poised to spread its power grid woes to its neighbor states.

Years before Biden, California embraced the short-sighted and politicized energy strategy working its way through Washington now with a mandate that the state get 60 percent of its power from renewable energy by 2030. And, the result has been those summer blackouts, along with rapidly increasing energy prices and loss of jobs in the natural gas and nuclear industries.

Arizona, on the other hand, rejected the CA/Biden energy strategy by a 2-1 margin vote against a similar proposal that would have mandated the state’s power come from 50 percent renewable energy by 2030. Still a large producer of natural gas and nuclear energy, Arizona has not experienced blackouts, even with a more extreme climate than California. Their energy prices have generally remained level and they’ve added jobs in the natural gas and nuclear industries.

Which brings us to this summer and California Governor Gavin Newsom—who just by chance is also facing a recall election in September—has finally realized his big renewable energy gamble won’t be able to power his state through the coming heat. So, even though his administration quietly denied 21 oil and gas permits in the state just last week, Newsom is quietly importing massive amounts of energy from fossil-fuel producing neighbors, like Arizona, and paying his blackouts issues forward to them as their grids now struggle to keep up.

This isn’t just a problem for those that live next door to a problem neighbor like California, though. What happens when the Biden administration and the Washington “green” elite finally get their way and place these short-sighted mandates that crush traditional energy sources on a national level? The answer is nothing good. If the entire country is burdened with these restrictions, there’s no safety net left to keep our lights on when renewables fail to fill the gap. If we all don’t want to end up like California, the Biden energy plan is a bad idea.