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Afternoon TEA: Energy security is national security

Did you know?

America has grown safer and stronger as reliance on foreign energy sources declined significantly in recent years. The U.S. has even become the world’s top producer of natural gas and oil. However, recent politically-motivated “climate plans” would send us backward at a risk both to our nation’s economy and national security.

From environmental extremists calling for an outright ban on shale exploration to calls to “get rid of fossil fuels,” all lead us to the same end—less access to affordable, domestic energy and greater reliance on unreliable foreign sources that put our national security at risk. In recent months, Russia and Saudi Arabia flooded the oil market in an attempt to destroy American energy producers. And, China has a near monopoly on the rare earth metals that many renewable sources, like wind and solar energy, rely on.

Taking advantage of our abundant, domestic American resources like natural gas not only builds a more prosperous economy, but it also makes us safer and more independent. Check out The Empowerment Alliance for more information about how we can protect our American energy security and independence.