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Afternoon TEA: Our Declaration of Energy Independence

Did you know?

Leaving Independence Hall following the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady cried out to Benjamin Franklin, “Well Doctor what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” To which Franklin famously replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”
Eleven years after declaring independence, the Founding Fathers had forged the foundation of the Great American Experiment. Now, 233 years later, we are engaged in a great battle to keep that republic.

The national introduction of The Empowerment Alliance’s “Declaration of Energy Independence” is our bold John Hancock signature letting the world know who we are and what we stand for—that affordable, clean, and abundant energy is the birthright of every American!

The Declaration is a simple statement of purpose; one that can unite millions of Americans on the idea that energy independence is possible and a moral imperative. This vision will continue to grow with thousands of grassroots activists signing up to be members of TEA’s “Blue Energy Nation” and as many elected officials and candidates sign on to the Declaration.

We are well positioned to keep our republic and declare America’s energy independence! Check out The Empowerment Alliance website for more information about the Declaration of Energy Independence.