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Afternoon TEA: President Biden, Surely You Know ??

President Biden,

Surely you know that the United States is enjoying its best air quality in the last half century or longer. Surely know that America is a world leader in reducing emissions because of the transition to natural gas power plants, and because of the technological advances throughout the natural gas and oil producing industry, from wells, through pipelines, to delivery to millions and millions of American homes. Surely know that nearly half of the power plants in the nation are producing electricity using clean-burning natural gas! Surely you know that domestically produced natural gas is the cleanest and most economical energy for electrical generation, for home heating, cooking and even for public transportation and commercial trucks of every type. Surely you know that every solar array and wind turbine cluster must have a power plant to back them up because they are intermittent and unreliable sources of power and do not work 100% of the time–more like 20% of the time at full capacity.  Surely you know that many wind turbines and solar panels are produced in China and that the mining and power generation required for their manufacture is a serious source of pollution and CO2, because China burns a tremendous amount of coal. Once you add that in and consider that neither wind turbines nor solar panels are actually recyclable or renewable, they are more expensive and polluting than domestically produced natural gas. Surely you know there are nearly 3 million miles of pipelines in the USA to deliver natural gas everywhere in the country, but they are invisible, safe, efficient, and dependable nearly 100% of the time. Not intermittent.

Surely you know that the lower income households spend much more of a percentage of their take-home pay on energy than any other Americans. Surely you know that if you insist on quotas for expensive, unreliable, not-really-renewable wind & solar power sources, that eat vast tracts of land, kill birds and vegetation, and last for 15 years or less before they must be replaced—that the people who will suffer most are those without the monetary resources you’ve enjoyed as a Senator, Vice President and President.

Surely you know that the price of natural gas spiked to a 13 year high last week, and is 150% higher than last year, and that the price of gasoline is 42.7% higher than last year, because of ill-conceived energy policies that hurt every American. For electricity (power) generation, the cost of fuel makes up about 70% of the cost of power generation. Surely you know that the utility companies will pass on this cost increase to the consumer. Yep, they will pass it along to every American who uses electricity—in other words, all Americans! Surely you know that Americans’ electric bills have gone up 5.2% from last year and that the 78% of American households who live paycheck to paycheck will all feel the bite into their take-home pay, especially as the winter arrives!

President Biden, surely you know that Americans will die this winter because of high energy bills, and that statistics show the drop in natural gas prices in the late 2000s, induced largely by the boom in shale gas production, has averted 11,000 winter deaths per year in the United States. Surely you know that “fixed income households”, which are primarily elderly retirees, will end up cutting needed medication budgets in order to pay for essential heat and electricity. Surely you know that millions of Americans, children, their parents, and their grandparents will eat less because of higher energy costs. Surely you know that there will be serious and very negative consequences from foisting your Green New Deal policies on Americans who don’t need them, don’t want them, and will suffer as a result. Surely you know that destroying America’s domestic energy industry, which produces more than enough clean and affordable natural gas for all Americans, in favor of Chinese imported wind and solar products, will result in the same disaster that struck Texas last winter during the prolonged cold spell.

Surely you know that all politicians, including you, President Biden, serve the will of the American voters. Surely you and the rest of the politicians who have promised to represent WE THE PEOPLE’s best interests, know that ENERGY is the base of the economy, the source of our nation’s manufacturing might and domestic jobs, and the precursor for WE THE PEOPLE’s prosperity. Surely you know that you, and all the other politicians pushing the “Green New Deal” agenda, will be judged on the results. Surely you know that every single American household is aware of the cost of energy, and we won’t forget when these foolish, and ill-conceived schemes end with a disruption of the American energy industry and infrastructure that will take a generation to repair.

If you didn’t know, President Biden, you do now. Americans aren’t stupid and they are already experiencing higher energy costs in their daily lives that you and the “Green New Dealers” are pushing upon us. Winter is coming and because of your shortsighted, ill-conceived vision of American energy industry, the misery that will befall American households will be your domestic Afghanistan crisis.