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Afternoon TEA: We Believe…

The breaking dawn of a new year is the opportunity to express the truth and hope of the future. In a world filled with negativity and a constant drum beat of criticism, we want to start the year on a positive tone by clearly stating what we at The Empowerment Alliance believe and what we intend to do with our beliefs in 2022.

Today, in part one of this series, we focus on our belief in the American People.

We believe one person can make a difference.

We believe that individuals with a shared common interest can change the world.

We believe that every citizen deserves the benefit of America’s vast energy resources.

We believe American workers are the most productive in the world when the government gets off their back.

We believe the ingenuity of the American people can solve any problem, including improving the environment without wrecking our economy.

We believe in holding elected officials accountable for their actions.

We believe that one vote can make a difference and every TEA member will vote.

Therefore, in 2022 we will continue to march toward building a million person grassroots community that Tells the Truth about American energy, votes, and holds accountable those who would take away the personal freedoms and choices of individuals by driving up the cost of energy.