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America’s Energy Puppet Masters

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Last week, we talked about a bureaucratic scheme to potentially ban gas stoves, and it all seemed pretty absurd at the time. Well, the jokes on us because it gets even worse. Apparently, the green energy group  that fueled the stove ban talk with their so-called study has been collaborating with China.

Colorado-based nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute, the anti-natural gas group pushing the bogus study, has financial ties to the CCP. They have since walked back their claim that natural gas stoves are causing childhood asthma. Too bad it only resulted in a week’s worth of misleading headlines and parents being unnecessarily alarmed.

This isn’t the only case of untrustworthy foreign entities trying to harm America’s energy independence and affordability. According to many sources, Russia has been pouring money into environmental groups that push anti-American energy campaigns against hydraulic fracturing and necessary infrastructure like pipelines.

And, there’s a reason Russia doesn’t want us building pipelines. A lack of pipeline access is a frequent problem in the Northeast United States, even though the region is close to plentiful reserves of American natural gas. And, how to fill that gap? Well, you guessed it, you import natural gas from Russia via tanker.

The fact is America has the resources to be both environmentally sound and energy independent right here in our own backyard. Adversarial countries like Russia and China know that is one of our greatest strengths. And, that is why they are fueling and funding green-at-all-costs policies that harm our energy security and affordability.