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America’s true love: natural gas ❤️

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Love is in the air this week, so it’s a great opportunity to remind everyone that Natural Gas CARES—as in it’s America’s Clean, Affordable and Reliable Energy Source. Without domestic natural gas and oil, items like a stuffed bear, the delivery truck bringing you a bouquet of flowers or that wine bottle on your table wouldn’t be possible or affordable.

  • Clean: Since 2005, natural gas used for power generation has cut nearly double the emissions that sources like wind and solar have.
  • Affordable: Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and other appliances save an average $1,068 per year compared to homes using electricity.
  • Reliable: The U.S. has enough natural gas to power the nation for more than a century — and the potential for even more.

But, really, what is love if we don’t spread it around? And, what is Natural Gas CARES if we don’t share it with others? This Valentine’s week, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate our friends who share our natural gas love:

  • Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.) and Karen Harbert of the American Gas Association wrote a op-ed for Clean Energy Week and said, “Americans expect reliable and affordable energy. Natural gas provides just that, ensuring customers have access to the energy they need when they need it, and providing unmatched reliability during extreme weather events.”
  • Nelson Peeler of Duke Energy said in another article, “Research tells us Americans support the use of natural gas for electricity. It’s cleaner than coal, affordable and can respond quickly when we need it … Natural gas is the best option out there to maintain customer reliability, reduce emissions and keep energy rates affordable for those we serve.”
  • And, a Natural Gas CARES resolution was introduced by Ohio State Sen. Michael Rulli to urge investment in clean, affordable and reliable natural gas infrastructure.

Every American family deserves access to the love. Clean, affordable and reliable energy is essential to our livelihood and well-being. For more information about Natural Gas CARES, check out The Empowerment Alliance.