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The Common Sense Green Solution

The Natural Gas is Green movement continues to grow!

The Empowerment Alliance family has been saying it all along: Natural Gas is Green energy. Now, that message is on the move elsewhere. Earlier this summer, we saw action in Washington with  Representative Troy Balderson (R-OH)’s Natural Gas is Green resolution. And, now, the banks are joining the party.

Goldman Sachs, using research from EQT Global, recently released a report detailing the long-term benefits of natural gas for both the environment and the economy.

As Goldman Sachs puts it, American natural gas “has the potential to be the leading solution for CO2 emissions reduction across the world”—more than electrical vehicles, solar and wind energy COMBINED.

So, one more time for those who still haven’t heard: American natural gas is affordable, clean, abundant, and reliable energy that improves the environment while securing American energy independence and our economy.

Learn more about why American natural gas is the world’s most affordable and reliable green energy here.