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COP28: Humanitarianism or Hypocrisy?

For the next week, leaders from around the world will attend the United Nation’s annual Climate Change Conference, or COP28. While Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry and crew will likely put on a big show and produce a lot of talk, the results will be more hypocrisy than action.

This year’s summit is ironically hosted by the oil-rich United Arab Emirates and leaked documents recently showed the host country planned to use the conference to discuss oil and gas deals with more than a dozen countries. So, while the Biden Administration works to choke out American oil and gas at home, they are sharing a platform with OPEC countries using a so-called climate conference to shill their oil around the world.

Meanwhile, the commitments made by participants in these conferences traditionally have little meaning. China, the world’s biggest polluter, has repeatedly committed to lowering emissions, but the country is still building new coal plants at a record pace with 95 percent of the world’s new coal plant construction this year.

A “landmark” agreement was made at last year’s conference for developed countries to compensate poor countries for destruction from climate disasters, but the details have still to be finalized and most nations have not made good on their financial commitments.

We don’t need to participate in high-profile dog and pony shows and make “commitments” to go backward while countries like China continue to pollute the world. The fact is, the United States is already a world leader in lowering emissions—not because of some UN summit but because of American ingenuity and energy resources like clean, affordable and reliable domestic natural gas.

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