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🇺🇸 Energy is 🇺🇸 Safety

After months of skyrocketing energy prices around the world, it looks like some global energy players want to make things even worse—and our leaders in Washington are helping them do it. 

Earlier this month, Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany causing natural gas prices to surge once again. And, now OPEC says it will cut oil production in October (the same extra production that President Biden begged them for a couple months ago), which will only help drive gasoline prices back up. And, just this week, Biden’s administration froze more federal oil and gas leases that would have helped us lower prices, and made us safer and more energy independent. All to push us onto so-called “green” energy that is dominated by China.

But, it really doesn’t have to be this way. The fact is: the world is less safe because of the green-at-all-costs war on American energy. These policies have discouraged American energy production here at home and pushed the price of oil and natural gas to near all-time highs.

Energy-producing nations—many of which are not friends to the U.S.—are making substantially more money than they were making before this agenda took hold under the Biden Administration. Meanwhile, our American energy industry is being strangled by politically-motivated policies. And hardworking American families are paying the price—both now at the pumps and in the future by sacrificing our security to bad actors like Russia, OPEC and China.