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Go Green, With Natural Gas

The Empowerment Alliance has been saying it all along: Natural gas is green. It’s clean. And it’s abundant, American energy right under our feet.

This week Representative Troy Balderson (R-OH) released a resolution to officially recognize that fact. “Unleashing America’s abundant natural gas is the solution to affordable energy, a cleaner environment, and lessening our reliance on bad actors.” said Rep. Balderson.

We know natural gas is green, because as we’ve increased our use of it, emissions have been reduced. To have a clean environment AND help American families struggling with skyrocketing energy costs, the Biden administration must start looking at the American natural gas industry as an asset and ally—not the enemy.

As National Review said of Balderson’s initiative: “The resolution comes as a smart, compact, one-stop-shopping declaration on why a commonsense policy on natural gas would please just about anyone (including Mother Nature) not bound to some dishonest ideology.”

It is time to get serious and honest about where real green energy comes from — American natural gas. Send your Congressman a message here and tell them to support the Natural Gas is Green energy movement today!