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Green hallucinations cloud the light of day

In what sounds more like a villainous plot from a James Bond movie, a recent report showed that the Biden Administration has been looking at blocking the sun as a way of battling climate change. Just when you thought you’d heard everything.

Dubbed “solar radiation modification,” the plan comes with some unsurprising risks like altering global weather patterns, disrupting food supplies and abrupt warming if the practice was widely deployed and then halted. And, this is supposed to be a solution? Hardworking American’s inattentiveness to the “Green New Deal” and “Bidenomics Green Energy” is costing them dearly with higher utility bills, higher fuel costs at the pump, high food prices, basically higher cost of living, while making America dependent on China’s monopoly on wind, solar, and batteries supply chain.

The facts are, we don’t need to be talking about absurd and dangerous schemes like blocking the sun out. We already know what works. The United States has been making huge strides to reduce emissions and improve our environment for decades. Since 1970, combined emissions of key pollutants have dropped by 78% in the U.S.—driven primarily by the increased use of natural gas for electricity generation.

Americans deserve real ideas and policies that work for them—not outrageous doomsday plots. We can protect our earth and fuel our lives at the same time with sensible solutions, like American natural gas.

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