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Green movement embraces blackouts

Over-the-top, fearmongering headlines about climate change have become a regular thing these days. But, recently, the green-at-any-cost crowd and the media who megaphone their doomsday predictions have really outdone themselves. Now, they are talking about mass blackouts as a way to “solve” climate change.

Talk about going backward.

Everyday Americans have worked hard to build this country’s infrastructure and their own lives at home so that we can be safe, happy and healthy. But, apparently, now we call going back to the pioneer days of reading by candlelight and being exposed to the elements a “solution.”

While it’s tempting to make jokes about such outrageous ideas, the fact that they are even out there is dangerous to our wellbeing. People absolutely need a reliable electrical grid to conduct their everyday lives. But, during sweltering summer heat waves and the cold months of winter, having reliable electricity can literally be a matter of life or death.

The fact is: we already have solutions, and they are neither inconvenient nor dangerous. As we’ve increased the use of natural gas to power our electrical grid, America has also been a world leader in reducing emissions to battle climate change. And, equally as important, the reliability of electricity from natural gas has saved lives. One study concluded that affordable natural gas has helped avert as many as 11,000 deaths every winter.

We don’t need to go backward, and we don’t need to suffer blackouts to fight climate change. We simply need to embrace the solutions that already work like clean, affordable, reliable American natural gas.

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