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Imagine your essential items disappear

As we shift into fall, American families face more changes than the leaves turning on their trees and football back on their televisions. The colder weather will bring all new energy costs as temperatures drop and the heat comes on. The coming holidays mean travel to visit family and home-cooked meals to celebrate the season.

We all know that thanks to increased use of natural gas to generate electricity, the United States is a world leader in clean air quality. But, natural gas can do so much more:

  • Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and other appliances save an average $1,068 per year compared to homes using electricity for such appliances.
  • From the football your favorite team scored a touchdown with to the luggage you pack for holiday travel, natural gas and oil are used to manufacture over 6,000 everyday products in your home.
  • Natural gas is increasingly used as a transportation fuel—especially to power the fleets of vehicles that will deliver many of your holiday packages. It is also the future for efficient and clean passenger vehicles. In fact, most existing vehicle can already be converted to run on natural gas.

Imagine if natural gas was used even more–for transportation fuel, home heating, and the products we use every day. Our environment would be substantially improved while not wreaking havoc on our economy.

For more information about how natural gas powers America through every season, check out TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda.