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Kerry: Climate Czar or Carbon King?

July 21st, 2023

Climate czar John Kerry jumped through hoops to distance himself from private jet usage.

How smug is this bureaucrat? More notably, how disingenuous is he? Kerry is proficient at playing semantical chess, as he displayed last week during testimony in Washington.

During the hearing — hosted Thursday by the House Foreign Affairs Committee — Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., confronted Kerry about his past private jet use in light of the top administration official’s efforts to fight climate change. Kerry said his purported use of a private jet is “one of the most outrageously persistent lies that I hear,” adding that he doesn’t own a jet and has never ‘personally’ owned a jet.”

Well, his wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, technically owns it. But he has flown in it many times.

The legislator didn’t need a lesson in semantics; just the truth. Instead, Mills got more climate hypocrisy from a member of the elite class.

When he’s not dodging questions on The Hill, Kerry spends his time cozying up to China and failing to achieve a climate deal. This Wall Street Journal editorial points out the folly of Kerry’s visit to the country and his meeting with his counterpart, Xie Zhenhua.

Pertinent facts:

  • According to flight tracking data obtained by Fox News Digital in July 2022, a Gulfstream GIV-SP jet owned by Kerry’s family made a total of 48 trips that lasted more than 60 hours.
  • The plane emitted an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon over the course of the Biden administration’s first 18 months.
  • The plane was registered to Flying Squirrel LLC, a charter company owned by Kerry’s wife.

Kerry is no stranger to stretching the truth or changing his story. Remember the Vietnam medals controversy from 2004?

It’s yet another exercise in climate elitism. Kerry, like others in the administration and some in Hollywood, loves telling the rest of us working stiffs what is best for us, while not practicing what they preach in the slightest. Kerry had a net worth of $250 million in 2022, though many attribute his wealth to his wife, heiress to the Heinz Company fortune.

Still, it is no different than gas stoves or any other of the Climate Crazy crowd’s antics and their mantra of “Do as We Say, Not as We Do.” Americans are frankly sick and tired of this type of condescending leadership.

Bottom Line: It’s time to replace climate hypocrites like John Kerry, Jennifer Granholm and their boss, President Joe Biden. We need elected officials who understand the struggle of working families, business owners, and average Americans.

“Leaks Can Make Natural Gas as Bad for the Climate as Coal, a Study Says.” That’s the headline in the July 13 edition of The New York Times.

This comes as no surprise. The “newspaper of record” has long been on record in writing unfavorably regarding anything about fossil fuels.

We are witnessing a coordinated attack on natural gas, called for by the Biden administration, and carried out by extremist groups with plenty of help from the mainstream media. They are attacking the hearts and souls of America, who depend on a Clean, Abundant and Reliable Energy Source (CARES) for their lives and livelihoods.

It’s also worth noting the bias of the dark money group behind the study — the Rocky Mountain Institute, an ultra left-wing nonprofit research group. The study points out that “if gas leaks even a little, it’s as bad as coal.”

We politely disagree with these assertions from the out-of-touch green mob pushing their well-funded schemes. This story is another blatant attempt to use the media to twist the narrative about this trusted fuel source.

Always follow the money. The supposed scientists work for universities whose funding is heavily dependent on climate hypocrisy and groups such as the RMI to quench their thirst.

Pertinent facts:

  • Natural gas is the greatest opportunity for American households & businesses to lower their energy bills and continue to improve our nation’s air quality.
  • America leads the world in CO2 reduction and natural gas is responsible for 61 percent of carbon dioxide reductions in U.S. electricity generation.
  • Natural gas has reduced U.S. emissions 50% more than wind and solar power combined since 2005.
  • Increased use of natural gas is the number one reason for lower U.S. power sector emissions, which have been reduced by over 30%.

Increased use of natural gas — both domestically and through exports to our allies — will benefit the global environment because U.S. natural gas production is cleaner and safer than foreign sources like Russia and Iran.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that natural gas emits almost 50% less CO2 than coal. Natural gas also emits less carbon dioxide when combusted than fuel oil.

Bottom Line: Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel to use, producing 50% fewer emissions than coal. The US natural gas industry is part of the solution, not the problem, as extremists would lead you to believe.

Not much movement on gas prices across the nation this past week. As of today, the national average for a gallon of gasoline is $3.59, up three cents from this time last week. Gas demand has been lower than average since the July 4th Holiday, perhaps due to high temps across the nation making Americans weary of additional travel. Regardless of the cause, it’s a benefit to consumers that lackluster demand is keeping gas prices from rising dramatically.

Hearing On Climate Change And Infrastructure: On Wednesday, July 26, the Senate Budget Committee will have a hearing to examine the fiscal consequences of climate change on infrastructure.

Hearing On Federal Permitting: On Wednesday, July 26, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will have a hearing to examine opportunities for Congress to reform the process for permitting electric transmission lines, pipelines, and energy production on Federal lands.

Hearing On Critical Mineral Recovery: On Wednesday, July 26, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will have a hearing to examine improving capacity for critical mineral recovery through electronic waste recycling and reuse.

Hearing On Reducing Train Emissions: On Wednesday, July 26, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will have a hearing to examine cleaner trains, focusing on opportunities for reducing emissions from America’s rail network.

FERC Open Meeting: On Thursday, July 27, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will hold an Open Meeting of the Commission.

“The law passed by Congress and signed by the President is clear – the Fourth Circuit no longer has jurisdiction over Mountain Valley Pipeline’s construction permits. It should alarm every American when a court ignores the law.” 

— Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)