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Numbers don’t lie, green activists do

We’ve all heard the hype from the green-at-any-cost crowd that we need to electrify everything to head off their predictions of certain climate destruction. But, if they get their way, what does that really mean for how we power our homes and live our lives?

In a recent blog post, noted author and energy expert Robert Bryce highlighted the apples-to-apples comparison of electricity to natural gas when it comes to powering your home:

  • In a side-by-side comparison, the cost for the same amount of residential energy from natural gas was $12 versus $42 for electric. Meaning, it costs you 3.5 times as much to power your stove, dryer or furnace with electricity than it does with natural gas.
  • Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and other appliances save an average of $1,068 per year compared with homes using electricity for such appliances.
  • And, last fall, the Department of Energy’s Winter Fuels Outlook predicted that heating with electricity this winter would cost about 46% more than with natural gas.

This is why American natural gas and the domestic energy industry have been under attack by the Biden administration. They are using regulatory and permitting limits to drive up the cost of clean, affordable and reliable natural gas in a cynical ploy to make their green agenda appear less financially damaging. In truth, their mission to “electrify everything” will do nothing but tax American families and small businesses.

Their goal clearly is to ban the use of natural gas in our homes and businesses. We can’t afford to let that happen. For more information about the green-at-any-cost agenda and what you can do to fight it, check out TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda.