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Why Have Electric Costs Risen?

Did you know?

Energy savings that should have gone to American families are being used to pay for unseen costs such as back-up power for solar, wind and other costly and unreliable renewables.

Natural gas prices have been cut in half over the past 15 years, and the cost of natural gas accounts for about two-thirds of the cost of producing electricity.

Yet average U.S. residential electric costs have risen some 20%.

In other words, modern, safe and inexpensive natural gas is protecting millions of American families from even higher energy costs, including heating our homes this winter, but the financial benefits to American households could have been greater at no cost to the government and no burden to taxpayers.

With the cost of energy integral to our everyday lives, modern, safe, and inexpensive natural gas is the path to enduring prosperity, especially for:

51 million middle-and lower-income American households;
Those living on a fixed income, for which about one-third of their after-tax income is spent on energy; and
44 million retirees.

For 2020 and beyond, let’s give the gift of inexpensive, cleaner and domestically-abundant natural gas to all Americans.