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Afternoon TEA: The Scary Details In Biden’s $2 Trillion “Infrastructure” Plan ?

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The Biden administration recently released an “infrastructure” plan with a $2 trillion price tag. Hidden among the huge tax hikes and sweeping proposals to “reimagine and rebuild a new economy” are some other very questionable proposals that will harm our energy future:

  • Biden promises to “revitalize” American manufacturing, but the declines he wants in domestic oil and gas production historically kill manufacturing jobs. From the mid 1970s to the early 2000s, U.S. oil and gas production declined and nearly three million manufacturing jobs were lost.
  • Biden pushes a “Made in America” agenda, but his push toward “green” energy and electric vehicles would make us dependent on China for resources. Rare earth metals are ingredients integral to building batteries and other technologies for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources like, wind and solar power.China has a near monopoly on these minerals.
  • Biden wants to spend $174 billion on tax “incentives” to increase electric vehicles, but most credits benefit corporations and high-income individuals. According to a congressional report, the vast majority of electrical vehicle tax incentives go to corporations and high-income individuals.
  • Biden wants to spend $10 billion on a “Civilian Climate Corps” with a boundless, vague mission.
  • Biden calls for affordable “electrified” housing and schools, which will likely have unaffordable energy bills. Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and other appliances save an average $879 per year compared to homes using electricity for such appliances.
  • Biden wants to finance his “carbon-pollution free” electrical grid with tax subsidy handouts for “green” energy…but, for everyone else, a tax hike. Biden ends his “American Jobs Plan” with “The Made In America Tax Plan” that will “raise over $2 trillion over the next 15 years.”

The further you dig into the details of Biden’s so-called plan, the scarier it gets. It’s really a plan that will kill jobs, drive up energy bills on American families and spend our future on costly, virtue-signaling policies. To learn more about Biden’s costly scheme, check out our infrastructure factsheet!