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Biden plays arsonist and firefighter with UAW

September 29th, 2023

The issue: Pipelines are safe, effective and necessary. Step 4 in TEA’s Common Sense Energy agenda states the case clearly: Build more U.S. natural gas and energy pipelines.

Why it matters: Pipelines are the safest, most environmentally sound, and efficient way to transport energy. We will need that transportation method due to present and predicted future supply needs.

  • The U.S. has the largest network of pipelines in the world — the safest means to move oil and gas products — covering 2.6 million miles.
  • Pipelines deliver over 680 billion gallons of energy products annually.
  • The U.S. natural gas pipeline network connects to 68 million households and more than five million commercial enterprises.
  • Led by Louisiana and Texas, US natural gas exports just reached a record high.

This report points out an underlying issue: A lack of pipelines to transport natural gas.

Bottom Line:  A country without pipelines is like the human body without arteries. America needs more of them to deliver natural gas, our nation’s Clean, Affordable Reliable Energy Source (CARES).

The issue: President Biden is destroying American auto manufacturing jobs and at the same time cozying up to striking union auto workers, hoping they will vote for him again.

Why it matters:

  • Automakers are enjoying record profits. But rather than going toward wage increases, it is being used to offset the billions of dollars in losses from building EVs.
  • The really big money pit is being paid for by Uncle Sam (aka the taxpayer) through direct and indirect subsidies for EVs and their associated technology.
  • The climate regulation plans could jeopardize a million jobs, a study confirms.
  • The concern is these jobs will pay less or go overseas, as Mark Mills points out in “The EV Jobs Myth.”

Want more hypocrisy? President Biden is a self-proclaimed champion of the working class, often referring to himself as “Joe from Scranton.” Yet he is pushing a pricey vehicle that most working families simply cannot afford, with the price about $18,000 more than that of a gas-powered vehicle.

Bottom Line: President Biden is playing arsonist and firefighter. Automakers are losing money on every EV they make, and autoworkers are dealing with stagnant wages and layoffs. Both are punished by Biden’s policy to increase EV production.

Despite lower-than-average demand, average gasoline prices remain stubbornly high. The current national average for a gallon is 2 cents less than it was a week ago at $3.83. But hold on, relief is on the way. Gas market expert Patrick De Haan predicts that prices will soon fall in all 50 states as gas stations switch to less expensive winter-blend fuel.

Nothing on the calendar for next week!

“Joe Biden’s endgame could hardly be more clear: Kill American jobs, crush American companies, and keep American energy in the ground — forever. This isn’t just un-American. It’s anti-American — and it must end.”
—  Nikki Haley, Republican presidential candidate