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January 20th, 2023

As new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) calls for spending cuts to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, this is a good opportunity to suggest to Republican lawmakers the need to eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, green energy wasteful spending commonly known as subsidies and, as a result, unleash the American energy industry.

Remember TEA’s Common Sense Energy agenda. Less money for wind and solar could mean lowering the cost of living in America, adding good paying jobs and helping to bolster a sagging economy.

The Inflation Reduction Act includes over $265 billion in subsidies and incentives for things like wind and solar energy, electric vehicles and emissions reductions. An energy rich state like Texas is one example where this is happening.

By contrast, the economic stimulus package passed in 2009 offered $90 billion in clean energy spending.

  • Wind and solar power have been supported by large federal subsidies for more than four decades.
  • These subsidies include, among other things, a production tax credit (PTC) and an investment tax credit (ITC).
  • Wind power is the main beneficiary of the PTC, and solar is the primary beneficiary of the ITC.

Focusing just on employment, the so-called “green” manufacturing jobs that these subsidies create generally are lower paying ones than what those workers manufacturing conventional internal combustion engines earn.

  • A July 2020 study by North America’s Building Trades Unions found that oil and natural gas jobs “have better wages, benefits and opportunities than renewables projects.”
  • The natural gas and oil industry provides an average annual salary of $108,000.
  • Workers would face an estimated 50% to 75% pay cut to change jobs into the renewables industry.

We hope those newly elected to Congress begin dissecting wasteful programs and start by targeting subsidies. Here is an example of a state fighting back against greenwashing tactics employed by the Biden Administration and others. Wyoming’s legislature wants to ban new electric vehicle sales by 2035, with support from members of the state’s House of Representatives and Senate.

Bottom Line: Out-of-control government spending is driving inflation. Now is the time to greatly reduce or eliminate subsidies for solar and wind projects — and let them stand on their own in the free market.

Some weeks you just shake your head when reading the news.

This report shows that a green energy group behind the study to ban gas stoves has been collaborating with China. Colorado-based nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute, which published the study that attributes 13 percent of U.S. childhood asthma cases to gas-stove use, is hardly staffed by an objective group of scientists, as this story points out.

  • In addition to the group’s green energy biases, the nonprofit’s lead authors on the study hold no formal advanced scientific training or education.
  • The Rocky Mountain Institute is far from the first green energy group to advocate for the banning of gas stoves, which nearly 40 percent of U.S. homes use.
  • President Biden has already proposed a natural gas phaseout in federal buildings, which would ban fossil-fuel equipment in new buildings by 2030. Of course, leading green energy groups applauded the move, which would cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually.
  • Several major cities including Los Angeles, New York and Seattle already have banned gas stoves in new buildings. Others are contemplating the same.

Most disturbing is the junk science combined with a lack of accountability in this group’s study. They have since walked back their claim that natural gas stoves are causing childhood asthma. Too bad it only resulted in a week’s worth of misleading headlines being printed and parents being unnecessarily alarmed.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), who last week called on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to renounce any potential gas-stove ban, said he is alarmed by the institute’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The natural gas industry, Vance said, “is critical to our national security,” and its demise would be a boost to our adversary.

Vance is calling for the chairman of the CPSC to testify under oath before Congress. We hope that the official complies and provides answers.

Bottom Line: The anti-natural gas group pushing the bogus study on gas stoves has financial ties to the CCP. Anyone who believes the study was scientifically sound is being duped.

A clear trend that has emerged from the White House. When gas prices are decreasing, President Joe Biden can’t wait to tweet about it. Take December for example, when the national average dropped from $3.60 on Dec 1 to around $3.12 just after Christmas. President Biden tweeted about his “efforts” to lower gas prices 10 times. Since ringing in the New Year, the President has only tweeted about gas prices once. Why? Well, because he only wants to bring attention to it when they are going down. Since January 1st, the national average has been on the rise, now back up to $3.39. It’s pretty clear what the WH strategy is here. Take credit when the prices drop, shift blame when prices rise. Hopefully the American people see through the posturing.

Nothing on the calendar for next week!

“[The study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health] does not assume or estimate a causal relationship between childhood asthma and natural gas stoves.”

— Brady Seals, Manager at the Rocky Mountain Institute, walking back claims made regarding gas stoves and public health.


The “green-at-all-costs” movement wants to ban your natural gas stove. We know that’s just the beginning of their fight to restrict your energy choices.

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