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Afternoon TEA: Joe Biden is counting on you NOT to vote

Did you know?

We’ve all heard plenty—perhaps too much—about what’s going on in Washington.  Wrong policies and poor leadership have caused inflation and skyrocketing energy prices, making practically everything—from gas to appliances to groceries—cost more than ever before.

But, even with all that headline-making action, state and local elections happening tomorrow have some truly huge and personal consequences for American families and businesses.

While we hear all the time about Green New Deal-like policies on the nation level, we don’t hear enough about the energy decisions in our own backyards. Here’s just a few reason why your vote tomorrow matters so much:

  • 20+ cities have passed localized bans on natural gas and the radical goal is a universal ban on fossil fuels. On the other hand, sensible states around the country have passed legislation to prevent these municipal bans.  So, if you don’t want your local city council to decide what kind of stove you can buy or how you heat your home, vote tomorrow!
  • County and Township officials in rural America are green lighting massive wind farm projects, and local planning and development commissions are changing zoning policies to allow for massive solar fields. Many of these projects replace highly productive farmland and natural habitats. Not great for the environment and really not great for American families who are already facing climbing food prices and empty grocery shelves. Another reason you should vote tomorrow.
  • We all remember when Biden killed the Keystone XL permit, eventually leading to the pipeline’s cancellation. But, there are other much-needed pipelines all over the country being held for ransom by state and local bureaucrats who are blocking or denying permits in the name of protecting the environment. The reality is these pipelines create good-paying local jobs and economic activity, and most importantly they bring us the fuel we need to fill our gas tanks, heat our homes and keep our lights on. So, if you don’t want radical local bureaucrats to block our energy supplies and drive up prices even further, vote tomorrow.

And, that’s exactly why Joe Biden doesn’t want you to vote tomorrow. Often, the policies that have the greatest impact on your day-to-day life are policies that get passed at the local level. And, in many ways, these local policies are surging forward much faster than anything coming out of Washington. President Biden can talk about solar panels, but it’s your local elected officials that are deciding the fate of solar farms in your backyard.

Commit today to these 3 Steps for Energy Freedom:

  1. Research your local candidates;
  2. Decide for clean, affordable, abundant and reliable energy; and,
  3. Vote tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2.