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Afternoon TEA: So-called “Green” Energy Could Harm Our Environment

Did you know?
Schemes like the Green New Deal look to effectively ban the use of energy sources like natural gas. But, according to a 2019 analysis from the Heartland Institute, replacing the nation’s electricity generation needs with only “renewable” wind and solar power would have huge unforeseen impacts on our environment and land use.
Solar farms generate only a small amount of the nation’s electricity. Increasing solar power generation to completely replace natural gas and other energy sources would require covering 57,048 square miles of land with 18.8 billion solar panels—an area equivalent to the size of New York and Vermont.
Wind energy would consume even more land and resources. Replacing all U.S. energy sources with wind power would require 2.12 million turbines on 500,682 square miles of land—an area equivalent to Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and much of West Virginia.
Meanwhile, in 2019, natural gas cleanly and reliably provided nearly 40% of electricity generation in the U.S. America needs real energy solutions like clean-burning natural gas, not unreliable and unrealistic “green” pipe dreams.