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How to win against China

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The most recent green-at-any-cost scheme coming out of Washington is a proposed carbon tariff that will supposedly combat climate change. TEA supports holding the true polluters on the world stage like China accountable for the damage they do to our global environment. But, this is just not the way.

Taxes and tariffs will only drive up costs for consumers—American families already struggling to pay for energy costs that have skyrocketed under the Biden Administration. A true first step that would keep costs low, help improve our environment and hold bad actors like China accountable would be to remove the subsidies and mandates that have long propped up so-called green energy sources like wind and solar power.

China has a stranglehold on the green energy industry. They account for over 60 percent of the world’s mined rare earths, in horribly polluted, cancer-causing mines. And they have a near global monopoly on the supply chain, with 85 percent of the world’s capacity for refining rare earth materials. The more America stacks the deck for green energy sources, the more we play into China’s hands.

Going down the path of taxes and tariffs is just another green hallucination. The only result will be increased cost of goods for American households. We need real solutions that keep energy costs low and our environment clean. TEA has those solutions.

American natural gas is our nation’s most clean, affordable and reliable energy source (CARES). We need to maximize the use of American natural gas for electricity, transportation, residential, and industrial use. Check out our Path To America’s Common Sense Energy Agenda here.