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Nat Gas Energy Requires Least Mining

As the calendar turns and we head into the back-to-school season with all the expenses that come with it, American families are once again facing tighter budgets from increased energy costs. In a new piece by energy author Robert Bryce, he takes us to the root of the reason for ever-increasing prices: The Power of Power Density.

As Bryce puts it: “The mineral intensity of offshore wind, including huge amounts of copper and zinc, is shocking: roughly 15,400 kilograms per megawatt of generation capacity. That is roughly 13 times more than the amount needed for natural gas-fired generation (1,148 kg) and six times more than what’s needed for a coal plant (2,479 kg).”

And that is the reason so many companies in the renewable game are reporting billions in losses and canceling projects at every turn. Siemens Energy reported a $2.4 billion loss on its wind business and expects to lose $4.9 billion in 2023. GE’s renewable business lost $2.2 billion and cut its onshore wind turbine workforce by 20%. Offshore wind projects in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Britain have been canceled due to soaring costs.

Unfortunately, the problem is when big corporations lose on their green-at-any-cost gambles those losses get passed onto us in the form of higher prices. We don’t need to head back to school to do the math. Bad policies from our leaders and bad investments from corporations are catching up with us. And, that’s why we need to go back to the tried and true energy solutions like clean, affordable and reliable American natural gas.

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