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New England faces cold reality

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A few weeks ago, we said “winter is coming” and the rising costs of home heating was going to be a huge burden for American families. Well, that winter is coming to the Northeast U.S. with a vengeance.

Years of ill-informed, green-at-all-costs energy policies in New York and the New England states have blocked pipelines that would bring natural gas to the region. Even though, the Marcellus-Utica basin, the second largest U.S. gas-producing region, is literally next door to these states. As a result, the region imports natural gas via tanker from Russia…a source that will not be available this winter for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, massive diesel and fuel oil (another source of power generation and home heating often used in the Northeast) shortages will add to this dire situation, with potential blackouts looming if the winter weather is anything but mild.

The fact is the short-sighted green-at-all-costs movement has failed residents in the Northeast. Attempts to transition to renewable energy just can’t keep up and have only forced the region onto unreliable foreign sources just to stay warm in the winter. With those sources cut off, families in the region are left with high prices, looming blackouts and literal lives on the line if this winter takes a harsh turn. Quite simply, policies that encourage affordable, reliable, American energy like natural gas, save lives. For more information on how, please, check out The Empowerment Alliance.