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We Told You So!

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VP Kamala Harris recently claimed the Biden administration had “reduced heating and electricity bills.” Really?

The facts are natural gas prices are up over 62% since Biden took office and electricity rates are up 23%. All because of the administration’s war on American energy. In fact, way back in November 2021, TEA talked about how home heating costs were going to skyrocket as much as 50 percent from Biden’s burdensome “Build Back Better” agenda. 

And, that got us thinking, what other damaging effects of Biden’s terrible energy policies did we see coming?

TEA Predicted Biden’s Damaging Agenda:

In January 2021, TEA said: “Extreme ‘zero emission’ schemes would come with huge costs for American families and an unreliable electrical system like the one that has caused blackouts in California.” Just a month later, Texas was hit with a winter freeze that took down the state’s grid—including renewable sources—with deadly consequences. And, American families have experienced blackouts in cities across the country during the hot summer months.

In February 2021, TEA predicted: Biden’s “picks to head up the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Interior prove that he is committed to ending the use of natural gas.” Since then, we have seen policy after policy proposed to hobble our American oil and gas industry—depleting our supplies, driving up costs and making us more reliant on foreign energy sources.

And, in April 2021 TEA pointed out: “Biden’s extreme energy agenda not only puts the United States in a weakened position on the global stage, it also directly benefits China.” Fast forward, and we’ve seen Biden seek increased oil exports from dangerous regimes like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran in a desperate attempt to bring down gas prices. All while promoting “green” energy sources and electric vehicles that would make us dependent on rare earth metals from China.

The joke here would be to say, “We told you so.” But, this really isn’t a joking matter. Biden’s agenda has already harmed our energy security, economic health and American families’ budgets so much. We need to let our leaders in Washington know, we want an energy agenda that puts us back on track to lower costs and secure our energy future.