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Afternoon TEA

Is America Dependent on China?

Did you know? China has a dangerous monopoly on rare-earth metals needed for electric vehicle production. In fact, 96% of the global mining output for rare-earth metals comes from China. This gives Beijing economic and strategic advantages over the U.S. Let’s not let China weaponize its rare-earth metals stranglehold on the world to achieve its…

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It’s Time to Call China Out

Did you know? China continues to build its track record as a leading global polluter.  Using air-monitoring equipment in Japan and Korea, scientists detected steady emissions of chlorofluorocarbon from mainland China. Chlorofluorocarbon is an ozone-damaging chemical and was globally banned beginning in 2010 when China and the world agreed to phase out its use. Emissions of the…

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Who’s Polluting the Oceans?

Did you know? Just 10 rivers carry 90% of plastic polluting the oceans. None of them are in North America. Instead of saddling the U.S. with the blame and burdening American taxpayers with the costs, let’s hold the true culprits accountable for the billions of tons of plastics that are littering our oceans. It turns…

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Pollution knows no borders

Did you know? The efforts and investment we are making in the U.S. for clean and healthy air are being compromised by pollutants and toxins from China, India and other countries.  Pollution knows no borders and is being transported through the upper and lower atmosphere from Asia to the U.S.  We need to hold the…

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The U.S. leads in CO2 reduction

Did you know? Instead of being burdened with blame, the U.S. should be celebrated for its contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. While global CO2 emissions from energy in 2017 increased by 1.6% (or 426.4 million tons), the U.S. led the world with a CO2 emission reduction of 42 million tons.  This is the lowest level…

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Welcome to Afternoon TEA

Did you know U.S. air quality in 2018 was 74% better than 1970? Our nation’s air quality improves while the U.S. economy continues to grow! According to the U.S. EPA, even though Americans drove more miles, the population grew, and energy usage increased, air pollutant concentrations since 1990 have dropped significantly. From the EPA: Carbon…

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